St. Mary's American National Catholic Church

St. Mary's American National Catholic Church shares the unconditional love of God through its compassion for every human person. Our liturgies are steeped in Vatican II reforms. We are aware of the changing needs of the church community and have an open communion table for all. St Mary's ANCC became a member parish of the American National Catholic Church at its 2014 Convocation held in St Louis MO.

St. Mary's ANCC is inclusive

     We seek to reach out to all who are looking for a loving and supportive catholic family. We believe that all people are gifts from God, full of His love and compassion; thus, we remove artificial barriers to the reception of the Sacraments based on a personís marital status, sexuality or their being from another Christian religion.  

St. Mary's ANCC is proactive

     Believing that the Holy Spirit continues to guide the Church through the faithful; St. Mary's ANCC sees the church as an outgrowth of the Holy Spirit into the community in which it is placed. We hope to listen to, rather than speak for, the people of God; as prompted by the Spirit. We seek ways to remake the Church into a credible community of faith for the modern world.

     We are particularly sensitive to the voices of those who have been called to catholic ministry but have found their way blocked by sexism and blanket requirements of celibacy. We are therefore committed to the admission of women and married persons to all ranks of the clergy.

St. Mary's ANCC is compassionate

     The difficult decisions in one's life are always harder to make alone: at such times, the compassionate support of a caring community of faith can be crucial. Yet such support can be difficult to find in the face of "legalistic" moral pronouncements regarding such issues as divorce and remarriage, married clergy, ordination of woman, or sexual orientation.

     Morality is a loving way of life guided by the Holy Spirit. We believe that an informed conscience, molded on Gospel values of truth, justice, compassion and love, should be the ultimate motivating force in a person's life. We teach these values with the person in mind and with respect for individual human freedom and dignity. We trust that, if people are living in the spirit of truth, they will be able to decide what is just and right conduct, both in their lives and within society.

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